Are you Tired of Foiling for Days?

Are you looking for a better solution?


Then the 15 foil is for you!

This 30 minute video will give you the "how to" create a High Dimension Highlight in just 15 foils.

Elyse Rox has been a hairstylist for over 30 years.

Elyse is in Olaplex advocate, Malibu C educator and a Megix 10 artistic creator.

She wants to give you the confidence to tackle any blonde, brunette, redhead or rainbow that walks in your salon.

Let's be real, we all can't be "niche" hairstylist! We need to be able to tackle what walks in the door at the salon. 
Or maybe you're like me and hate doing the same thing all day long and like a little variety.

Elyse will show you all of her tips and tricks that she’s learned and accumulated for over the past 30 years.

Don’t let her years in the industry fool you, she is well educated on all of the most current color trends.

Hell ya! I want the free 15 foil video lesson